Filter cartridges are constructed of multilayer polypropylene, featuring high flow rates, broad chemical compatibility and high dirt holding capacity. These filters are ideal for removing particulate and colloidal contaminants in vaccines filtration.

Features and Benefits

  • Superior dirt-holding capacity
  • Reliable retention of particulates
  • Broad chemical compatibility


  • Cartridges produced in a controlled environment
  • Manufactured according to ISO9001 certified Quality Management System

PP Pleated Filter Cartridges

Materials of Construction
Filter   Media Multi-layer   PP
Support PP
Core,   Cage and Drainage PP
End   Caps PP
O-rings/Gasket Silicone/EPDM/Viton/TEV
Sealing   Technology Thermal   Bonding, No Adhesives
Diameter Φ68
Length 5 inch, 10 inch, 20 inch, 30 inch, 40 inch
Filtration Area, ft2
2.1~3.2 per 10-inch   element
Pore Size, μm       
0.5, 1.0, 3.0, 5.0,   10, 20
Maximum Differential Pressure
Forward:   4.2 bar @ 23 ℃; 1.5 bar @ 85 ℃
Particle Removal Efficiency (%)
≥ 90
Extractables, per 10-inch cartridge
≤ 50 mg after 24-h soak in   water
Component materials   meet GB/T 14233.2<2005>of Chinese National Standard for Safety Tests.
< 500 ppb after a water flush of 60 liters per 10-inch cartridge
Support steam-in-place sterilization or autoclave at 123℃
Oxidizable Substances
Meets the criteria of Chinese Pharmacopoeia 2010, volume Ⅱ for purified water.
Bacterial Endotoxins
< 0.25 EU/ml as determined by the LAL test